Wisconsin Rustic Roads

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I'm exploring my new home state of Wisconsin by riding my motorcycle down its Rustic Roads. This page tracks my progress with links to videos that my onboard cameras recorded along each road. Below you'll find that data organized both by map and by table. More information about things like equipment is farther down the page.

If this is your first time here, you may like to read and/or watch the introductory post and video. Or if it's your first time back since last winter, you may like the Season 2 introduction.

County/Video Map

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video available (Seasons 1 & 2) video coming soon (Season 3) video not available no rustic roads

Route/Video Table

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Route County Post Video
R15 Burnett 2024-04-24 S2E22 @ 0:43
R79 Burnett 2024-04-24 S2E22 @ 8:51
R80 Burnett 2024-04-24 S2E22 @ 11:18
R98 Burnett 2024-04-24 S2E22 @ 15:27
R71 Washburn 2024-04-17 S2E21
R74 Florence 2024-04-10 S2E20
R47 Shawano 2024-04-03 S2E19
R53 Outagamie 2024-03-27 S2E18
R61 Outagamie 2024-03-27 S2E18 @ 6:38
R72 Winnebago 2024-03-20 S2E17
R123 Winnebago 2024-03-20 S2E17 @ 5:39
R14 Adams 2024-03-13 S2E16
R50 Adams 2024-03-13 S2E16 @ 4:18
R6 Chippewa 2024-03-06 S2E15
R89 Dunn 2024-02-28 S2E14
R107 Dunn 2024-02-28 S2E14 @ 8:33
R122 Pepin 2024-02-21 S2E13
R51 Pierce 2024-02-14 S2E12
R92 Pierce 2024-02-14 S2E12 @ 12:11
R73 Clark 2024-02-07 S2E11
R76 Clark 2024-02-07 S2E11 @ 6:50
R91 Trempealeau 2024-01-31 S2E10
R54 Jackson 2024-01-24 S2E09
R121 Juneau 2024-01-17 S2E08
R55 Vernon 2024-01-10 S2E07
R56 Vernon 2024-01-10 S2E07 @ 5:03
R26 La Crosse 2024-01-06 S2E06
R31 La Crosse 2024-01-06 S2E06 @ 8:04
R64 La Crosse 2024-01-06 S2E06 @ 15:59
R111 Ashland 2023-12-27 S2E05 @ 43:18
R95 Bayfield 2023-12-27 S2E05
R95 Sawyer 2023-12-27 S2E05
R108 Sawyer 2023-12-27 S2E05 @ 32:08
R111 Sawyer 2023-12-27 S2E05 @ 43:18
R28 Polk 2023-12-20 S2E04
R41 Polk 2023-12-20 S2E04 @ 8:03
R67 Polk 2023-12-20 S2E03 @ 12:48
R93 Polk 2023-12-20 S2E04 @ 12:42
R101 Polk 2023-12-20 S2E04 @ 19:31
R103 Polk 2023-12-20 S2E02 @ 23:35
R18 Barron 2023-12-13 S2E03
R67 Barron 2023-12-13 S2E03 @ 12:48
R83 Barron 2023-12-13 S2E03 @ 20:36
R3 St. Croix 2023-12-06 S2E02 @ 12:15
R4 St. Croix 2023-12-06 S2E02
R13 St. Croix 2023-12-06 S2E02 @ 17:58
R103 St. Croix 2023-12-06 S2E02 @ 23:35
R116 St. Croix 2023-12-06 S2E02 @ 28:54
R114 Rusk 2023-11-29 S2E01
R35 Rock 2023-04-13 S1E21
R68 Rock 2023-04-13 S1E21 @ 4:38
R84 Jefferson 2023-04-06 S1E20 @ 16:45
R87 Jefferson 2023-04-06 S1E20
R88 Jefferson 2023-04-06 S1E20 @ 10:58
R19 Dane 2023-03-30 S1E19
R20 Dane 2023-03-30 S1E19 @ 4:22
R96 Dane 2023-03-30 S1E19 @ 9:40
R22 Green Lake 2023-03-23 S1E18
R104 Marquette 2023-03-16 S1E17
R48 Waushara 2023-03-09 S1E16 @ 4:50
R102 Waushara 2023-03-09 S1E16 @ 8:45
R117 Waushara 2023-03-09 S1E16
R23 Waupaca 2023-03-02 S1E15 @ 13:19
R24 Waupaca 2023-03-02 S1E15 @ 19:54
R57 Waupaca 2023-03-02 S1E15 @ 6:17
R17 Portage 2023-03-02 S1E15 @ 0:44
R45 Eau Claire 2023-02-23 S1E14
R7 Kewaunee 2023-02-16 S1E13
R8 Brown 2023-02-09 S1E12
R40 Brown 2023-02-09 S1E12 @ 6:24
R46 Brown 2023-02-09 S1E12 @ 15:04
R109 Oconto 2023-02-02 S1E11
R113 Oconto 2023-02-02 S1E11 @ 4:35
R78 Lincoln 2023-01-26 S1E10
R58 Oneida 2023-01-19 S1E09
R59 Oneida 2023-01-19 S1E09 @ 16:12
R62 Price 2023-01-12 S1E08
R105 Price 2023-01-12 S1E08 @ 3:43
R1 Taylor 2023-01-05 S1E07
R119 Door 2022-12-29 S1E06
R9 Door 2022-12-29 S1E05
R38 Door 2022-12-29 S1E05 @ 12:46
R39 Door 2022-12-29 S1E05 @ 18:08
R77 Door 2022-12-29 S1E05 @ 23:11
R32 Marinette 2022-12-22 S1E04
R44 Marinette 2022-12-22 S1E04 @ 64:26
R97 Marinette 2022-12-22 S1E04 @ 77:03
R34 Forest 2022-12-15 S1E03
R118 Forest 2022-12-15 S1E03 @ 23:16
R60 Vilas 2022-12-08 S1E02
R100 Iron 2022-12-01 S1E01
R49 Columbia
R69 Columbia
R104 Columbia
R110 Columbia
R106 Dodge
R82 Fond du Lac
R70 Grant
R99 Grant
R27 Green
R81 Green
R90 Green
R94 Green
R75 Iowa
R43 Kenosha
R66 Lafayette
R16 Manitowoc
R52 Ozaukee
R65 Ozaukee
R2 Racine
R5 Racine
R25 Racine
R30 Racine
R37 Racine
R42 Racine
R43 Racine
R21 Sauk
R49 Sauk
R112 Sauk
R63 Sheboygan
R11 Walworth
R12 Walworth
R29 Walworth
R36 Walworth
R85 Walworth
R120 Walworth
R33 Washington
R52 Washington
R10 Waukesha
R86 Waukesha
R115 Waukesha

Completion Stats

Counties Roads Miles
73% 70% 75%
45 / 61* 87 / 123 554.9 / 736.45

* Counties without Rustic Roads excluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What motorcycle are you riding?

I rode a 2011 Suzuki DL650A V-Strom, rolling on Metzler Tourance Next tires, throughout Season 1.

In Season 2, I rode a 2004 BMW R1150GS Adventure, on Shinko 705 tires.

Why do you ride so fast/slow?

Thanks for checking this answer instead of commenting about it. I ride a speed appropriate for the situation. It's approximately the posted speed limit, adjusted to account for hazards, road feel, etc. If it looks off to you, it may be due to the camera, which is mounted at a different height and has a different field of view than you do on any bike or in any car. Consider adusting the playback speed to find a pace you like.

What cameras are you using?

On-board video from the Suzuki was recorded on an INNOV K1 dual-camera system. On-board video from the BMW used a VSYSTO B6 camera system. Introduction videos and still photos were taken with various iPhones.

When was Season 1 recorded?

Season 1 was recorded between May and November 2022.

When was Season 2 recorded?

Season 2 was recorded between May and November 2023.

How can I find out when new videos are available?

If you would like a notification when I post the next video, here are three options:

  1. Subscribe to the YouTube channel.
  2. Add this blog's RSS feed to your news reader.
  3. Follow me on social media: @bryan@couch.beerriot.com.

How can I contact you?

I read all comments made on the YouTube videos. I generally leave my social media account (linked in the previous answer) open to mentions as well. For more direct contact, email works best: bryan+wirr@beerriot.com.

Where can I learn more about the Wisconsin Rustic Roads program?

More information about these Rustic Roads is available on the WisDOT website: Wisconsin Department of Transportation Rustic Roads.

The WisDOT website says there are 124 roads, not 123!

I started this project in 2022 when there were only 123 roads. A new road in Dane county was added in 2023. This would have been no trouble if I hadn't already published video of the other Rustic Roads in Dane county. I haven't yet decided how I want to represent partial county coverage in the maps and stats, so I'm keeping on with the original 123 roads defined in 2022.

Comment Policy

You'll notice that comments don't exist on this blog. That's because none of the spam filters seem to work, and all discussion has gravitated to social networks these days.

YouTube, however, does allow comments on videos. All I can say is, please don't make me go searching for the switch to disable them. I'm not interested in your opinion of my riding speed, style, etc. Rude comments about it are likely to be removed. Harrassment, doxxing, hate speech, spam, etc. will be reported, then removed. These videos are about enjoying the exploration of a geographical area on a fun mode of transport. Keep the vibe positive, please.