WI Rustic Roads: Shawano County, R47

Published Wednesday, April 3, 2024 by Bryan

The first thing I had to learn about Shawano County is that you don't pronounce the second ‘a’. Say, "SHAWN-o." I don't know why. I just accept it as Wisconsin's version of Worcester.

The second thing I learned is that Rustic Road 47 is trickier than it seems. The first time I tried to ride it, I started in Tigerton and made basically every wrong turn I could getting through town. Then when I got to Wittenberg, the last quarter mile or so was blocked off for a street fair. This video is my second visit, this time starting in Wittenberg. It went much better.

Once you get out of town, the riding is decent. The 90° corners in the transition from the east-west path to Tigerton to the north-south path to Wittenberg are particularly fun. Evaluate each one carefully, though. Some are lazy sweepers, but others are sudden course corrections!

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