WI Rustic Roads: Winnebago County, R72, R123

Published Wednesday, March 20, 2024 by Bryan

If you ever needed a literal demonstration of the phrase, “The map is not the territory,” Winnebago county's Rustic Roads are it.

R72's north-south segment is described as unpaved. I'd say about half of it is. The other half is some of the smoothest blacktop I've seen in Wisconsin. I'm sure that means it's new, and the map hasn't been updated, but it's striking. The southwest corner of the route is also passes through Rush Lake State Natural Area, but what you'll see from the road is a wall of tall marsh grass.

R123 also has a segment described as unpaved. It's definitely paved. It's not in great condition, but I've shown you worse already this season. And except for crossing over train tracks twice, there are no "remnants of Medina Junction, a once bustling train depot."

They're each fine roads otherwise, but I think the copy editor got a little carried away.

Also, sorry about the rattling noise. I didn't seat the central recording unit properly, so it got to tapping against other parts of the bike. I've tried fiddling with audio settings to mask it out, but haven't had much luck yet.

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