WI Rustic Roads: Adams County, R14, R50

Published Wednesday, March 13, 2024 by Bryan

Just in case you were getting nervous about two videos in a row with completely paved Rustic Roads, this week I take you to Adams county, for two completely unpaved.

R14 is short and fast - literally. Most unpaved Rustic Roads have posted speed limits of at most 35mph. Except for the last quarter mile or so, where there are homes or blind-ish curves on either end, R14 is posted at 45. It's mostly good for it, too. Fairly wide, unrutted, with a few small stones scattered across a hard-packed dirt surface.

R50, in comparison, often feels more like a wide sand path than a road. Especially on the Preston side of the town line. At least when I visited in October, though, the surface was mostly firmly packed, and pleasant to ride, though. Watch for wild turkeys just after the 12 minute mark!

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