WI Rustic Roads: Dunn County, R89, R107

Published Wednesday, February 28, 2024 by Bryan

Dunn county's Rustic Roads each come in two parts.

The first part of R89 starts on the southwest corner of Menomonie, and runs down to Irvington, where it crosses County Highway D. This segment is semi-residential, passing a couple of public parks along the way. After County D, it becomes much more rural and aggricultural. I intended to take the left you can just barely see as I pass the END sign, but instead continued straight on. I can recommend making the same choice - there are some pretty curves and fun valley swoops just past there.

The first part of R107 is paved, and mostly surrounded by corn fields. It's a fine ride, but not quite as scenic. Halfway in, the surface becomes gravel and takes you much closer to the Chippewa River. The surroundings become woodsy, and the road begins to twist a bit more.

Like I mentioned last week - it's only a short detour to visit R122 in Pepin County while you're traveling between these two routes!

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