WI Rustic Roads: Jackson County, R54

Published Wednesday, January 24, 2024 by Bryan

WARNING: Today's video is extremely shaky. I tried the stabilization tool in my video editor. It didn't help. Seriously consider skipping this video if a bouncing camera gives you motion sickness.

WisDOT lists Rustic Road 54 in Jackson County as "paved". Except for a few small segments that's technically correct. There is asphalt on the road. But forget any connotation of "smoothness" you may associate with pavement. Remember the rough bit of R111 in Sawyer County? That, but for twelve miles. I'm publishing the shaky video anyway, so people who want to go ride it know what to expect.

Because the scenery is beautiful. This is the road through Black River State Forest. Thick trees, grasses, hills, it's all there. Wildlife too - they didn't make it into the video, but just a couple turns farther down the road, I was escorted by flying turkeys as a deer ran across in front of me!

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