WI Rustic Roads: La Crosse County, R26, R31, R64

Published Wednesday, January 3, 2024 by Bryan

Happy new year! I thought we'd start 2024 with a video from the only quadrant of the state I haven't before posted from. It's time to head to the Southeast for La Crosse county, where one of the two roads I mentioned in this season's introduction is located.

I first arrived at Rustic Road 26 at the end where you see me finish the route in the video. I was immediately reminded of a turn I used to make in the Santa Cruz Mountains, to exit CA-17 onto CA-35/Summit Rd - sharp turn off of a hill, into two more sharp turns. A little farther along, R26 rides the crest of the hill, and I could see down into the Mississippi River valley - again, just like I used to gaze from CA-35/Skyline Dr. down into the San Francisco Bay valley. When R26 then turned into curves down the hillside, cluminating in a hairpin curve - the reasons I would visit CA-35 regularly - I knew I had to turn around and ride it again immediately. The video is that reverse trip, because the sun didn't blind the camera as much in that direction.

The other two Rustic Roads in La Crosse county are not there for the rides. R31 is a tour of the historic homes of downtown West Salem. R64 is for accessing the walking tour of seven historic bridges.

This is one of only a small few videos without a gravel segment this season. Enjoy it!

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