WI Rustic Roads: Polk County, R28, R41, R93, R101

Published Wednesday, December 20, 2023 by Bryan

While reviewing today's video, I almost talked myself into trying the stabilization tools in Final Cut Pro. The camera bounces with every tarred pavement crack on the first half of R41, and those cracks come about every two seconds. I left the video unstabilized in the end, because I thought it was striking how stable the camera becomes, in comparison, on the second half of R41 - a gravel path with visible washboards!

Reviewing this footage also reminded me of a little secret I'm going to share. If you are looking for a fun road to ride a motorcycle down, look for roads that follow waterways. R101, on the maps, looks boring - just a gentle curve, but mostly straight. That rendering leaves out all the little wiggles, rises, and falls that make the ride fun. Look again - there's nothing but a narrow strip of park between it and the St. Croix River. Try it next time you're routing. Almost any road following water will have some enjoyable curves.

The WisDOT website lists two Rustic Roads in Polk county that are not included in this video. That's because they were included in the previous two videos! R67 is in Barron County and R103 is in St. Croix County.

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