WI Rustic Roads: Barron County, R18, R67, R83

Published Wednesday, December 13, 2023 by Bryan

Barron County is one that should be easy to navigate. It's a square, and its roads are named for how many miles they are from the southwest corner. "Street" for north-south roads, "Avenue" for east-west. I spent four years navigating classes and classrooms by numbers more arbitrary than that.

Maybe it's the fact that maps and street signs disagree on the actual name of the road. In one place it's "15 3/4", but in another it's "23 - 24 1/2 St.". Sometimes it's "13 3/4 - 16th St." while others it's "Narrow Gauge Rd." (if you can even find the sign). Whatever it was, I made more U-turns finding the start of the Rustic Roads in Barron county than in any other.

But find and enjoy them, I did. Watch for the eagle taking flight across the road at the stop sign in the middle of R18. It's only a few pixels, so I've added a pointer to help.

The gravel in the early bend of R67 is just a tease. Your real weekly gravel segment is all of R83 at the end of this video.

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