WI Rustic Roads Season 2 Introduction

Published Wednesday, November 29, 2023 by Bryan

Welcome back! Just as Rustic Roads content was about to fall of the front page of this blog, it's time to start Season 2.

In Season 1, I began exploring Wisconsin by riding my Suzuki V-Strom down 42 of these specially-designated backroads. My dashcams recorded it all, and I spent the winter enjoying those rides again as I shared the recordings with you. I thought that was fun. I got to do a little virtual motorcycling while my physical motorcycle was iced into the garage, and I learned a ton of video editing skills at the same time.

This season was another great one. Forty-five more roads, visiting counties in every quadrant of the state. This was my first time riding in the Soutwest, "driftless" region since we passed through it three years ago coming from California. I've also now checked off every Rustic Road in both the Northwest and Northeast.

All this riding also gave me more chances to improve my skill piloting a new (to me) motorcycle, a BMW R1150GS Adventure. I might talk more about the differences between this motorcycle and last season's in a future post. It's surprising the ways in which they are similar and the ways in which they're different. The increased comfort, and slightly less road-biased tires that this BMW is outfitted with, though, were key to this season's riding, which was both farther from home and on lots of gravel.

As with last season, you can expect to see a new post each week, with another county's worth of roads. The tracking page is up to date with what counties will be in this season, so be sure to check there if you're wondering when your favorite is coming.

I've decided to start the series with Rusk County, Rustic Road 114. That post and video are live now. Please enjoy!

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