WI Rustic Roads: Rusk County, R114

Published Wednesday, November 29, 2023 by Bryan

I visited Rustic Road 114 in Rusk county at the end of the second day of an overnight trip. It was a grey day in the middle of summer. Remnants of a storm had scattered around the region, and I kept finding sprinkles as I grazed its edges.

I warned you there will be a lot of gravel this season. Here are the first thirteen miles of it. Well, eleven of the first thirteen anyway. I skipped the southern fork of Buck's Lake Road. I needed to be headed eastbound, and the day was getting later than I wanted for the back-tracking that would be needed to visit both forks.

The camera bounces and sways a little more than usual in this one. There were some significant washboards and a couple loose patches along the way. I think the video stabilization tools often provide an even more awkward view, so I've left it as recorded.

What do you think of the new audio? This camera system records sound at the head unit, instead of at the cameras. That bit is mounted under my seat, so there's much less wind noise, and more engine hum. Also more transmission-shifting clunk.

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