WI Rustic Roads: Dane County, R19, R20, R96

Published Thursday, March 30, 2023 by Bryan

When I opened the map to check that I had the right recordings for this video, my heart skipped a beat. I rode R19, R20, and R96, but the map showed a fourth road. I clicked on it. R124?! The've added a new road since I started this series! I'm sure that won't be the last time it happens. I'll have to put this on a future route - maybe on my way to Green County.

For now, please enjoy a tour of the three rustic roads that Dane County had during the 2022 riding season. R19 is clearly a favorite of pedal cyclists. R20 passes several picturesque red barns and crosses a cute one-lane steel bridge. R96 is all gentle curves through rolling farmland.

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