WI Rustic Roads: Waushara County, R48, R102, R117

Published Thursday, March 9, 2023 by Bryan

Waushara County is the first place I ever noticed a Rustic Road sign. My wife's extended family owns a rustic cottage there, and we passed R102 many times getting to it. This past November, nearly 20 years since I first became aware of it, I finally rode it. It's fun! A short, narrow gravel trail. I may take the diversion when visiting more often.

It's also funny that last week I finally decided to show the whole path between rustic roads. I've done the same for the first two roads this week, without any work or rule breakage! Where R117 ends, R48 begins. I think there the only Rustic Roads I've come across that do that. A few others begin in the middle of another, but these are the only ones I've found that are laid end-to-end.

A motorcycle stands in a grassy field, with a small stream just visible in the background.
The V-Strom sitting near the river at the family cottage.

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