WI Rustic Roads: Portage and Wauapaca Counties, R17, R23, R24, R57

Published Thursday, March 2, 2023 by Bryan

Half-breaking my "no drama" rule last week to show you a deer running across our path has turned out to be a slippery slope into me half-breaking four other rules for this week's video.

Rustic Roads 17, 57, 23, and 24 are all so close to each other that you can ride them all in less than 40 minutes. So, despite them being in two different counties, I've decided to drop them all in one video (rule-break #1), with the footage of the routes between them at hyper speed (rule-break #2). And to explain all of that without everyone having to read this blog post, I narrated the transitions too (rule-break #3). You'll have to watch near the end to learn what the last rule I broke was.

After I collected my patch for riding 10 Rustic Roads, I decided that I would ride 25 additional Rustic Roads before claiming the official certificate (for 35 roads total). It was looking like I wasn't going to make that this season, until we had a sudden heat wave in early November. The four roads in this video were the first part of a mad two-day dash to collect as many roads as I could. The rest of the videos in this season are all part of that trip. Certificate: acquired.

A certificate with the seal of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation reading, 'Ceriticate of Completion. This certificate confirms Bryan Fink has ridden 25 of Wisconsin's Rustic Roads, participating in the Rustic Roads Motorcycle Tour. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Planning and Economic Development, Rustic Roads Program. Presented February 2, 2023. Charles Wade, Director Bureau of Planning and Economic Development.
My official state certificate for riding 25 Rustic Roads.

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