WI Rustic Roads: Kewaunee County, R7

Published Thursday, February 16, 2023 by Bryan

Kewaunee County is the gateway to the popular vacation destinations in Door County. I know most folks are going to sneak through the corner on WI-57. For for those who prefer the scenic lake-side route of WI-42, there is one diversion for you to consider: Rustic Road 7.

Sixish miles west of the town of Kewaunee, on WI-29, you'll find Hrabik Rd. Actually, you'll probably miss it. Continue to County AB, then turn south for two miles. Turn left there onto Pine Grove Road, and you'll be at one end of RR7, where this week's video starts.

Most of RR7 is black-top section-line rural road. Straight and flat farm road, with views of traditional agricultural buildings. But then you finally make it onto that Hrabik road you missed earlier, and you find a narrow dirt/gravel road, closely lined with towering trees. It's a lovely break from the highways you took to get here, but drops you right back on the highway to get back on your way.

Today's audio is found silly songs about spelling and sounds that just happened to fit the length of the video exactly. I hope they make you giggle. It's back to the sound of the machine, the road, and the wind next week!

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