WI Rustic Roads: Brown County, R8, R40, R46

Published Thursday, February 9, 2023 by Bryan

The Packers aren't playing in this Sunday's Super Bowl, but I still thought it would be fun to feature the Rustic Roads nearest Lambeau Field in today's video. I even found more Tom Lehrer music to share, including a song about football!

Brown County's Rustic Roads ... are not that rustic. The south end of R46 is narrow, it's true, but just north of that it passes through a modern housing development. The southwest corner of R40 does have some pretty twists, but the northwest corner is a drive past a golf course. R8 doesn't have any narrowness or twists at all - it's just four straight, lightly-residential roads in a rectangle.

If they're your closest rustic roads, go ride them anyway. If you're passing through, go ride them anyway. If you're trying to check off all the Rustic Roads, go ride them anyway. They're not unpleasant rides, but they're not rustic.

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