WI Rustic Roads: Oconto County, R109, R113

Published Thursday, February 2, 2023 by Bryan

We've come back to that corner of the state where my mic was muted while riding. But, a wonderful thing has happened in the meantime. Tom Lehrer has released all of his music into the public domain. So, in this video, you get to hear some of what it actually sounds like inside my head while riding! We start out with "New Math", since the video opens on Maple Grove School Road, and then continued to bop through some favorites from there.

Rustic Road 109 may look a little straight and boring, but the road surface is broken enough in places that you want to choose your line down it a little carefully. The surrounding scenery is marshland. I wouldn't be surprised if this road is underwater in a wet year.

RR113 is also a bit straight on the south end. The north end, though, gets into some pretty curves and elevation changes. If you're out riding it in the future, I encourage you to continue up County F to County C. From there, you have the choice of going a little east to RR32 in Marinette County, or a little west to RR118 in Forest County.

Today is also Groundhog Day. I see shadows of snowdrifts all over the roads, so we're only at winter's halfway point. Eleven more weeks of Rustic Roads videos!

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