Steak Knives

Published Sunday, December 18, 2022 by Bryan

We don't cook a lot of meat at home, so sharp knives aren't generally required at the table. But every once in a while, something irresistable shows up at our local butcher. It's time we had the utensils to enjoy such things properly.

I learned my lesson from the kitchen knife that I made as a Christmas gift a couple years ago, and ordered pre-made knife blade blanks instead of grinding my own. That meant I could start with the handles.

A build story in image captions...

I started by ripping strips of scrap maple, cherry, and walnut, and then gluing those strips into planks.
When the glue had dried, I cut across the strips at a 30 degree angle.
I sliced each of the pieces along the grain, to create left and right halves of each handle.
I traced the shape of the tang, onto one side of each piece.
I carefully routed out the tang's shape, to a depth that is half the thickness of the tang.
I then glued the matching halves back together around each blade.
I shaped the handles with sandpaper and hand planes.
I lost count of the number of coats of Tru-Oil I applied, but it was int the range of six to eight.
I resharpened the edges on diamond plates after the finish had cured.

A quick project finished just in time to enjoy a bit of winter grilling with friends visiting this week.

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