WI Rustic Roads: Vilas County, R60

Published Thursday, December 8, 2022 by Bryan

Next in the Rustic Roads series is Vilas County. The first time I rode Rustic Road 60 was an accident. I had wandered north of Eagle River and found County G. That eventually led me to County N, which eventually dropped me on County K. And right after turning onto K was the Rustic Road sign. The video rides R60 in the opposite direction, so that intersection is at the end.

R60 was also one of the first rustic roads I tried. It was certainly the one that made me go home and really start plotting courses to the rest of them. It's the very definition of a winding wooded country road. Nothing really too technical, but also far from boring. Just a pleasant cruise.

There is also great hiking in the area. If you're up for a little adventure, the unpaved Escanaba Lake Road leads to Nebish Lake road and the Escanaba state hiking and skiing trail. If you'd like less driving adventure, getting back on County N will eventually lead you to the Fallison Lake trail, which is one of the prettiest small loops in any season.

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