WI Rustic Roads: Iron County, R100

Published Thursday, December 1, 2022 by Bryan

Iron County is where my Rustic Roads series starts. Rustic Road 100 is a fully paved road. Half, along Iron County Road H, is two lanes, with a yellow lane divider painted down the middle. The other half, along Iron County Road G, is "two lanes" without paint.

R100 is also one of, I believe, only two rustic routes that you can enter or exit the state on. Starting in Mercer and riding north, the end of the road dumps you just over the border in Michigan, onto MI-519, which very quickly turns back into Vilas County Road O.

A funny story about Vilas County O: when my phone reads it aloud, it enunciates as if someone were texting me and meant to type the word "oh". Directions end up sounding like questions - "Turn left on highway oh?"

I visited R100 pretty early in the riding season. You'll see in the middle that I encountered a road crew fixing winter damage. Piles of wood chips from cleaning up fallen timber also dot the roadside.

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