The V-Strom Works!

Published Tuesday, August 21, 2012 by Bryan

Here's the thousand-word summary:

A two-pane image. The top pane is a map tracing a path from the Boston area, west into New York, then south to Virginia, and finally back through New Jersey. The bottom pane is Amanda and Bryan in full motorcycle gear standing behind a Suzuki V-Strom.
Safety gear. We wear it.

That is to say, we've just returned from the new bike's first multi-day adventure. We took off right after work Thursday evening, and "slabbed it" down the interstate to Binghamton, NY. Friday, we spent the morning and early afternoon enjoying the twisty backroads of Pennsylvania. By Friday afternoon, the locals were warning us of a big storm coming in from Ohio, so we returned to the slab to reach Alexandria, VA by dinner time.

We spent Friday evening through Sunday morning with an ex-coworker and friend of mine named Rusty, and his wife Alex. We ate delicious food, explored Washington, DC (including the International Spy Museum), and met up with college friends.

Sunday, we once again zipped down the interstate toward home, with a brief detour in New Jersey to have lunch with my aunt and uncle. Should you ever need Korean food in Lyncroft, NJ, find Kimchi Shushi on Newman Springs Road.

The whole 1170-mile trip was great. The V-Strom is much more comfortable than the Bonneville was. The luggage works much better. Even the gas mileage was higher (~55mpg average). We also missed all but a dozen drops of that rain in Pennsylvania.

In short, this bike is going to see quite a few more happy miles in the coming years.

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