Webmachine Bloggy Goodness

A whole bunch of people (no half-bunches in these parts) are picking up Webmachine and writing about their experiences. If you’re looking for a few more people to follow:

Andy Gross (a coworker) is writing about file uploads. Actual webmachine details to follow in his next post – this first one is about the client side of the equation. Update: that second post is up, and includes an example of the new “streamed body” feature in webmachine 1.3.

Seth Falcon is covering the design and implementation of a URL-shortening service. Again, webmachine details to follow, but there’s some good talk about using Mnesia for storage in the current post.

Marc Worrell is laying down the outline of his new CMS, Zophrenic. This looks like a very ambitious project, and I’m anxious to see its release.

Update: More blogs from the comments

Daniel Kwiecinski just covered redirecting (3xx responses), and also recently showed off his own static-file-serving resource. He also tips his hat to wmtrace, so he gets brownie points. 😉

Great reads, but don’t take my word for it.</burton>

4 comments so far

  1. Daniel Kwiecinski on

    Webmachine REDIRECT Example: http://lambder.com/?p=48

  2. Bryan on

    Awesome – thanks, Daniel. I’ve added your blog to my list.

  3. jim on

    Why can’t I find one example where the WM i/o is based on html and not jason? I have not seen one example where an html file is store in the \priv\www and that is used as a construct for the view. Am I missing something here?

  4. Bryan on

    Hey, Jim. I think you’re not missing much: most of us have taken static HTML serving for granted and have focused on our dynamic-data services (which are often JSON-focused). I mean, static HTML – that’s so Web 1.0! 😉

    But, in all seriousness, if you want an example of static HTML file serving, have a look at src/static_resource.erl in my wmexamples repo[1], or demo/src/demo_fs_resource.erl in the webmachine repo[2]. Either of those resources, along with its line priv/dispatch.conf in either project will serve up whatever file you put in priv/www, including HTML.

    [1] http://bitbucket.org/bryan/wmexamples/src/tip/src/static_resource.erl
    [2] http://bitbucket.org/justin/webmachine/src/tip/demo/src/demo_fs_resource.erl

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