American Beer Fest Review

Published Saturday, June 16, 2007 by Bryan

Night of the Lagers was awesome. There were quite a few beers there that really did break from the stereotype of Fizzy Yellow Water (tm). In particular, I'd call attention to The Tap's Pilsnaah - really a great example of what I think a pilsner-style beer should be.

There were also beers that didn't appeal to me, of course, but the big news of the evening was Harpoon's absence. The brewery sponsor, with their Official Beer of the fest, Pre-Prohibition Lager, didn't even show up Friday night. The word is that the "Pre-Pro" turned out so bad that they refuse to serve it. Very sad, if not fitting that the recipe from the old days fell to the problems of the old days - you never knew what would come out of a barrel after months of storage.

Anyway, I've added the rest of the line up for Saturday's sessions under the same tag. Please log in, rate, and comment if you're going today. There are quite a number of beers on the list that I really wish I could be there to try myself!

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