New things *are* coming…

Fear not! I have not forgotten about BeerRiot. No new features have come online yet because this week has been rather busy for me.

Tomorrow is no exception. I’ve gathered the ingredients for a honey porter. 🙂 It’s an all-grain recipe, so I’ll be busy most of the day with that.

Sunday, though. Sunday should be BeerRiot Development Day.

As a teaser, here are a few of the things in the pipeline:

  • Localization (Btw, does anyone have a good source for world cities and their latitudes and longitudes? I’ve covered the US with data from the USGS, but my best link to world data is over ten times as large.)
  • Personalization
  • Discussion forums (for things other than talk about specific beers)

I can’t say which will come out first (or even if some of them will come out), but I thought you all would enjoy the teaser.

2 comments so far

  1. Corey on

    I might be misunderstanding your need for world cities and their coordinates, but have you considered mashing up with Google Maps?

    For example, the getLatLng method:
    would allow you to look up that data for any world city.

  2. beerriot on

    Hey – thanks for the link, Corey.

    Right now, I’m more interested in coordinates on the server side than the client side. If I can figure out how to run JavaScript on the server side, this would probably work great.

    …although, as I sit here thinking, I can see how a Google Maps mashup could fill a similar function…

    Back to Google’s docs for a while, I think. 🙂

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